Photo by the Charlevoix Historical Society

Charlevoix's History Museums

Much of Charlevoix’s rich history is preserved by the Charlevoix Historical Society through its two museums, The Harsha House and the Charlevoix Depot Museum.

Harsha House

The Harsha House was built in 1891 by Charlevoix businessman Horace Harsha and was the family home. Harsha’s daughter, Irene, married Earl Young, the Charlevoix architect know for his “mushroom” hobbit houses. The Queen Anne style home was donated to the Historical Society by his granddaughter, Ann Harsha in 1979.

The museum has three Victorian period rooms to view, the 3 1/2 order fresnel lens that was on the Grays Reef Lighthouse, Ernest Hemingway’s original license for his marriage to Hadley Richardson, a working 1917 player piano and other local historical artifacts.

Also at the Harsha House are more than 9,000 historical photos, slides and negatives and history research materials. The museum is open Thursday-Saturday during March and April, Tuesday-Saturday during May and June and September-January, and Monday-Saturday during July and August.

For more information on Harsha House:

103 State St, Charlevoix, MI, 49720

(231) 547-0373

Charlevoix Depot Museum

The Charlevoix Depot Museum was donated to the Charlevoix Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pew in June of 1992. It has been restored and preserved through various fundraising events and is used as a venue for the Historical Society’s events and programs, and is also available to patron level members for private events as well as non-profit organizations. It is listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places and is designated as part of the Charlevoix Historic District.

For more information on the Charlevoix Depot Museum:

305 Chicago Ave, Charlevoix, MI, 49720

(231) 547-0373

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