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Michigan Beach and Charlevoix’s South Pier Lighthouse | Northern Michigan Guides stock photo

Charlevoix's Beaches

Charlevoix has four city beaches, two each on Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix.

Depot Beach on Lake Charlevoix has warmer waters than Lake Michigan and you will often see swimmers heading out into the lake in late May.

Ferry Beach, also on Lake Charlevoix, has a gently sloping sandy swimming area is a popular beach for parents and their children. Ferry Beach offers lifeguards so swimmers love it.

Michigan Beach on Lake Michigan is the location of Charlevoix’s South Pier Lighthouse, and is a popular early morning or late evening spot for lake laps. Lifeguards are on duty during the day during the summer. Mount McSauba also on Lake Michigan has a wide sandy swimming area.

Lake Charlevoix’s warmer waters can mean a longer swimming season. Swimming in Boyne City is so special that the community hosts a swimming camp. The non profit organization that operates the camps teaches dozens and dozens of children how to swim each summer.

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Experience the Charlevoix Area

Charlevoix's Historical Museums

Charlevoix’s History Museums

The Harsha House and the Charlevoix Depot Museum, run by the Charlevoix Historical Society, preserve much of Charlevoix’s rich history.

Beaver Island

Beaver Island Up North

Beaver Island is located 32 miles offshore of Charlevoix, Michigan and is the largest island in Lake Michigan.

Charlevoix Circle of Arts

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts is a vibrant, cultural center in downtown Charlevoix that presents six major visual exhibits annually.

Fishermans Island State Park

Fisherman’s Island State Park

Fisherman’s Island State Park has more than 2,600 acres and miles of gorgeous Lake Michigan beach and is located just south of Charlevoix.