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St. Ignatius Church in Good Hart

St. Ignatius Church is often first recognized by the steep, white steeple peering above the treeline as M-119 enters Good Hart, twenty miles north of Harbor Springs.

Travel along the Tunnel of Trees from Harbor Springs to Cross Village and you will pass through Good Hart, a Northern Michigan cross roads rich with history. In Good Hart, turn onto Lamkin Road and head down the hill into Middle Village, an old Native American village.

The first structure in Middle Village was a Jesuit Mission in 1823 but the mission began in this area, once called Apatawaaing, in 1741. It was rebuilt in 1823 by Native Americans and then built again in 1889 after a fire destroyed it. What was once named the St. Ignatius Church of Loyola is now known as St. Ignatius Church.

Thanks to a massive restoration project, the St. Ignatius Church is now open to the public for Sunday mass in July and August, weddings, and funeral visitations. The church is adjacent to the Middle Village Cemetery where row and row of white crosses mark the graves of Odawa Indians. Also nearby is a pathway to Middle Village Beach, a popular spot for swimming.

For more information on St. Ignatius Church:

101 N. Lamkin Rd., Good Hart, MI, 49737

(231) 526-2017

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